For people living the sea

A new challenge coming with experience

Built by those who are used to craft reliable and safe boats, for those who have in the sea their own reason of life, we face a new challenge with a line dedicated to “pleasure boating”.

Our know how comes from the production of boats for those who need the maximum safety, thus the new “pleasure boats” line offers safe, reliable, completely customisable boats, with an innovative design and able to
satisfy the most demanding client.

Roots in the territory,
looking towards the sea


The first pleasure and workboats were already built by the Gallesi brothers at the beginning of the 60’ in Vada, in the province of Livorno, in a building situated next to the Tripesce torrent from which the brand took over its name.

With little available, a lot of creativity and passion, the founders built the first motor pleasure and work boats, in glass reinforced plastic, thus beginning the specific activity which still today represents our boats.

Present and Future

Towards new challenges

The shipyard is situated in Pisa, along the Navicelli channel, and counts 5000 sq.m covered building and 7500 sq.m yards equipped with travel lift and private harbour. The area is located a few minutes from Pisa International Airport and from the SGC Firenze-Pisa Livorno connection with the A12 motorway at 15 km from Livorno and 10 km from Pisa.

The building and outfitting of our boats take place in the new plant situated in PISA, where in addition to the productive sector, a team dedicated to refitting, storage, and aftersales support, operates.

Today, we can boost, besides our know how, also an advanced research and development sector able to provide our customers with a superlative consulting level.